Kitchen Classroom

“Learn to be the Master of Your Kitchen and Not Let It Master You”

Expand your understanding and appreciation of food and cooking with simple and relaxed lessons designed for your lifestyle and your kitchen.

My classes are all about the art of making delicious food in your own home. Want to make a big meal in a small kitchen? No problem. No matter the size, we can work out customized, efficient plans, making the best use of your space.

You’ll become skilled in the process of planning, shopping and prep work. You’ll learn the secrets of a successful meal, including one of the most important – how to relax with your guests instead of having a meltdown in the kitchen.

We’ll work with a variety of ingredients, all of which can be easily found in a well-stocked grocery store or farmers market. My menus are designed to accommodate students at all skill levels.

In the basic program, you’ll receive a one-on-one class, centered on the preparation of a 3-course meal in your kitchen. During class, we’ll focus on organizing ingredients based on cooking time and cooking techniques (braising, poaching, sautéing and roasting), as well as the importance of good knife skills.

A meal is one of the greatest gifts you can offer, whether to yourself, a special someone or a group of guests. So if you love food as I do, let’s get cooking!